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迪尔凯姆认为,解释自杀率最重要的一个方面是社会融入和调控的程度。也取决于家庭的规模——家庭规模越大,自杀的可能性就越小。因此,总体而言,日本家庭(Wataya’s inc.)的规模往往较小,迪尔凯姆认为,这使得家庭成员更容易自杀。回到社会的角色上,迪尔凯姆给出了一个社会学的解释:“每个社会群体实际上都有一种集体倾向,完全属于自己,是所有个人倾向的来源,而不是结果。它是由利己主义、利他主义或社会混乱的潮流组成的。整个社会的这些倾向,通过影响个人,导致他们自杀。[10]中我们可以看到这样的例子,当Chieko和她的朋友遇到一个男孩,他邀请他们和他的朋友一起喝酒,但当他意识到两个女孩都是聋哑人,他离开了,和他的朋友一起笑。这种倾向会导致自杀的意图。但迪尔凯姆没有提到的是,人们如何以及将什么归因于他人的行为和行为,这极大地削弱了他的理论。总的来说,“巴别塔”从社会学的角度提出了各种有趣的问题。电影毕竟是虚构的,人物也是虚构的;但社会事实和文化是真实的。迪尔凯姆的理论是健全的,明确的,很容易投入到现实生活中。但另一方面,如果要完全遵循他关于社会事实的观点,我们的行为或多或少是由他们预测的,我们几乎别无选择,只能接受他们。


Durkheim argues that one of the most important aspects for explanation of suicide rates are the degree of integration into and regulation by society. Also depending on the size of the family – the larger the family, the lesser the chance of suicide within it. Thus, Japanese families in general (inc. the Wataya’s) tend to be small in size, which according to Durkheim makes members within them more prone to suicide.Coming back to the role of the society, Durkheim gave a sociological explanation: “Each social group really has a collective inclination for the act, quite its own, and the source of all individual inclination, rather than the result. It is made up of the currents of egoism, altruism or anomy running through the society. These tendencies of the whole social body, by affecting individuals, cause them to commit suicide.” [10] We can see an example of this in the movie, when Chieko and her friend are approached by the boy who invites them for a drink with his friends, but as soon as he realises that both girls are deaf mute, he leaves and laughs with his friends. Such tendencies can cause intent to commit suicide. But what Durkheim does not mention, is how and what people attribute to the actions and behaviour of others, which undermines his theory significantly.Overall, “Babel” brings out various interesting issues in sociological terms. The movie after all is fictional, and so are the characters; but the social facts and culture are real. Durkheim’s theories are sound, clear, and are easy to put into real-life situations. But on the other hand, if to completely follow his idea of social facts, our behaviour is more or less predicted by them, and we almost have no option but to accept them.


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