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A recent study indicated that the countries in Africa which had considerably invested in elementary education years ago are now deriving economic development from this investment. Moreover, this education has resulted in social and economic development in Western Europe since it made elementary education to be compulsory. Nations should aim at giving priority to elementary education since it supports development in other sectors, as well. A population that is well educated is essential in enabling countries to grab market opportunities, do exportation of goods and services, as well as attracting of foreign investment. Furthermore, when a population is educated it becomes innovative and gets access to free market due to the competitive enterprises that become established in the state .Elementary education is essential since children are the hope of the future and the vital resource that a nation can have. Therefore, they have to be educated so as create a nation that is focused by having citizens who are able to participate in nation building. Many nations focus on investing in other sectors whereas the elementary education is given minimal attention. This is especially common in developing countries. Consequently, the impact becomes adverse when a nation comprises of a population whose greater percentage is illiterate. Illiteracy is the backbone of many errors that people make due to lack of information. Consequently, a lot of suffering occurs when for instance, people do not know their rights due to ignorance and lack of education. They end up suffering in abusive situations like poor working conditions and relationships. There is also the spread of disease like the HIV and Aids due to high levels of illiteracy. All these can be avoided if people get at least the basic education that will enable to read and get informed .


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