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亨利的第二任妻子安妮·波琳生下了一个名叫伊丽莎白的女儿,生于1533年9月7日。当她一岁时,她继承了王位继承权,这使她继承了她姐姐玛丽的王位。在她年轻的时候,伊丽莎白曾有过许多家庭教师,其中一位是玛格丽特·布莱恩夫人,她曾向克伦威尔求过夜礼服,并在她长大后为她做了化疗。这些衣服是公主母亲安妮·博林(Anne Boleyn)所订购的。伊丽莎白四岁时,玛格丽特·布莱恩被转移到家庭,成为爱德华王子的家庭教师。伊丽莎白精通数学、历史、地理、建筑、针线活、跳舞、骑马和仪态。伊丽莎白说着话,读着拉丁文、法文、意大利文、法文和希腊文。在伦敦北部,公主的大部分童年都是在不同的皇家房子里度过的。哈特菲尔德的第一所房子是红衣主教约翰·莫尔托在1480年至1497年间修建的一座红砖宫殿。作为一个孩子,伊丽莎白很少去皇宫探望她的父亲。亨利八世会派人去打听她的健康和教育情况。当伊丽莎白八岁时,她的二表妹凯瑟琳·霍华德因通奸而被砍头,这使她的母亲死的可怕。亨利从来没有想到她的教育会使她成为王后。


Henry’s second wife Anne Boleyn gave birth to a daughter named Elizabeth, born on September 7th 1533. When she was a year old an act of succession was passed in her favor, which made her heir to the throne in place of her older sister Mary. In her young life Elizabeth had a number of governesses one of whom was Lady Margaret Bryan who had to beg Cromwell for night gowns and chemises for the princess once she grew out of them. Clothes that had been ordered by the princesses mother Anne Boleyn. When Elizabeth was four Margaret Bryan was transferred to the household to become governess to Prince Edward. Elizabeth was taughtmathematics, history, geography, architecture, needlework, dancing, riding and deportment. Elizabeth spoke and read Latin, French, Italian, Flemishand Greek. The princess spent most of her child hood in different royal houses in the northern part of London. The first house in Hatfield was a redbrick palace built by Cardinal John Mortor between 1480 and 1497. As a child Elizabeth rarely visited her father at the palace. Henry VIII would send someone to make inquiries about her health and education. When Elizabeth was eight years old her second cousin Katherine Howard was beheaded for committing adultery which brought back the terrifying way in which her mother died. Henry never intentionally expected her education would prepare her to become Queen.


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