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According to Murray in “Real Education, he asserts, “We need certifications, not degree” (156). If Dental Hygienists are rank among the fastest growing occupations, the demand is there. People are living longer and they want to keep their teeth. They will need to spend more money to take good care of their teeth. We clearly need more school programs that specialized in Dental Hygiene where students could take the needed and necessary courses to receive a certification. Instead of allowing only twenty students in the Dental Hygiene Program, could we double that number, or even triple that number? Miss J says, “Well-trained teachers know how to motivate. They know how to lead. They know how to teach. And when teachers teach, students learn” (21). If we can get more well-train teachers, open up more classes to the students, perhaps this may help our economic situation. Teachers will have jobs, students who graduate will have jobs, and more patients will get educated about their oral health. When people have jobs, they are able to spend money and get the economy going to the right direction. We will have more qualified Dental Hygienist to care for patients to educate them to take good care of their teeth.


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