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新西兰媒体作业代写 资本主义

卓别林所描绘的过度异化是为了揭露资本主义社会的罪恶。另一方面,雷诺阿用了一种微妙的方式来表现阶级斗争。让·雷诺阿运用现实主义来表现工人和资本家之间正在出现的冲突。雷诺阿采用现实主义的概念来描述工人如何建立一个集体来帮助克服资本家的压迫。另一个不同之处是,让·雷诺阿的电影突出了工人的革命,表明他们愿意收回自己的权利,反对资本主义制度。工人革命是马克思在其哲学思想中所描述的一个重要方面。具体来说,工人革命发生在多年的剥削之后(Greene, 2010)。这场革命是工人们明确表示他们不能再接受更多剥削的方式。工人的起义试图恢复他们对工作或劳动过程的依恋。Jean Renoir向我们展示了Batala的员工是如何与Lange一起在革命中工作的,这场革命导致了一种新方法的形成。《摩登时代》和《兰格先生的罪行》都是反映资本主义社会阶级互动的电影。从兰格和这家出版公司的员工所采取的行动来看,他们显然需要免受剥削。这种剥削构成了马克思关于资本主义社会理论的中心。另一方面,现代社会则以查理为例来说明工业化的资本家是如何疏远工人的劳动和产品的。这种体制也阻碍了生殖性的社会交往,阶级斗争在两部电影中不同的作品中都有体现。卓别林成功地提供了一个引人注目的例子,说明了资本主义制度如何剥削工人,而资本家却继续使他们的利润最大化。显然,两位导演都对资本主义制度和阶级斗争进行了批判。

新西兰媒体作业代写 资本主义

The excessive alienation that Chaplin portrayed sought to reveal the evils of the capitalist society. On the other hand, Jean Renoir made use of a subtle approach to demonstrating the class struggles. Jean Renoir made use of realism in his efforts to demonstrate the emerging conflict between workers and the capitalists. Jean Renoir adopted the concept of realism to depict how workers can establish a collective that helps to overcome the oppression from the capitalists. An additional difference is that Jean Renoir’s movie foregrounds the revolution of the workers as a sign that they were willing to take back their rights and stand up against the capitalist system. The revolution of workers is one of the important aspects that Karl Marx described in his philosophy. Specifically, the revolution of the workers occurs after many years of exploitation (Greene, 2010). The revolution is the way in which the workers make it clear that they can no longer embrace more exploitation. The uprising of the workers seeks to restore their attachment to the work or labour process. Jean Renoir demonstrates how the employees of Batala worked alongside Lange in the revolution that led to the formation of a new approach. Both Modern Times and The Crime of Mr Lange are films that demonstrate the class interactions in a capitalist society. From the actions taken by Mr Lange and the employees of the publishing company, it is clear that they needed freedom from exploitation. Such exploitation forms the centre of the theory presented by Karl Marx concerning the capitalist society. On the other hand, Modern Times used the example of Charlie to demonstrate how an industrialised capitalist alienates workers from their labour and product. The system also hinders reproductive social interactions, and the class struggles have been evident in different works as portrayed in the two movies. Chaplin succeeded in providing a compelling illustration of how the capitalist system exploits workers while the capitalists continue to maximise their profits. It is clear that both directors provided a critique of the capitalist system and the class struggles.

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