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第一个阶段是过程是一个潜在的冲突的反对或不兼容时,成员的贡献想法。在这一阶段,我们小组将会聚在一起,共同开发运营项目的想法。在我们组,这个阶段是由于成员之间的语言差异,会影响我们的目标,也会影响我们的个性,情感和审美价值。当地和国际学生之间的交流将使用英语进行交流。在这个小组里,有一个小组,当我们讨论的时候,成员们会说的更多,而不是更少。我们的领导不会轻易的接受这种情况,也不会忽视这种情况,但是她会努力通过引起他们的兴趣来引起他们的注意。这种方式可以帮助他们提高他们的积极性,在这个项目中不怕贡献和说英语。第二阶段是认知和个性化。在这个阶段,对群体成员之间冲突的感知。根据Miler, 2011年这一阶段,各方意识到引发冲突的条件,导致焦虑、压力、敌意等不快感。我们小组中出现的中国学生英语理解困难的问题以及这个问题的影响或小组完成这个项目。当冲突发生时,每个成员包括我们的领导都试图理解和帮助对方,虽然很难一起工作和完成任务。


The first stage is the process is a potential conflict of opposition or incompatibility when members contribution ideas. In this stage, our group will meet and meeting together to develop idea to run the project. In our group, this stage is due to differences in language among members that will affect our goal and also affect our personality, emotional and aesthetic value. Communication between local and international students will be use English language for communicate each other. In this group, there have a group that members will talk a lot and less when we make a discussion. Our leader are not take this situation easily or ignored, but she will try to get attention with them by get idea that related to interested of them. This ways can help them to improve their motivation and not afraid to contribution and speak in English in this project.The second stage is cognition and personalization. At this stage, the perception of the conflict between members in the group. According to the Miler, 2011 in this stage, the parties aware of the conditions that trigger the conflict which leads to the displeasure feeling such as anxiety, pressure and the hostility. Problem that arise in our group that is difficulty to understanding English by Chinese student and this problem effect or group to complete this project. When this conflict arise, each member include our leader try to understand and help each other although it is difficult to work together and completing the task.


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