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如果在教室里社会正义实现,如果目前并不是因为课程的概念被访问,因为使用的话语,应该的想法改变语言代码在教室里是娱乐吗?记住,语言是身份的内在组成部分,实施的效果改变个人的身份实施前应该仔细检查。伯恩斯坦(1958)密友,某人的社会阶层越低,更大的阻力会给正式的教育和学习,包括集团,这实际上是一个函数。他的文学作品也解释了阻力的方法可能会显示,包括纪律的关键问题,拒绝承兑的价值观老师,未能开发和觉得需要一个广泛的词汇和偏爱一个描述性的,而不是一个分析认知过程(p。160)。正如前面证明学生的特定的人口是美国由于他们所使用的话语,结合这一个统一的负面性格对教育和可以理解,愿意话语的转变,从这个人口可能非常低。 如果这个策略有缺陷,应该语言变化的问题课程了吗?似乎相关,如果所都有访问受限语言代码,而且不是所有访问一个阐述了代码,一个受限制的代码是教学理想的舌头。并发症与这个假设然而明显,特别是对质量的影响被转移到学生的学科知识,并可能导致的权力斗争中,使用一个劣质的语言。关于教育学的质量,它是正确的提出为例,在数学这个词整数丰富和非常具体的含义,阐述在代码中,被牺牲掉的也许更容易一些,从限制代码?学生的注意力可以预见到的好处,它可以辩称,一个贫穷的理解也比没有理解。


If social justice in the classroom is to be achieved, and if it currently is not due to the notion of the curriculum being inaccessible because of the discourse used, should the idea of change of linguistic code in the classroom be entertained? Keeping in mind that language is an intrinsic part of identity, the effects of imposing a change to something as personal as an identity should be carefully examined before being implemented. Bernstein (1958) intimates that the lower somebody’s social strata, the greater resistance they will show to formal education and learning, including that this is actually a function of the group. His literature also explains the method of resistance that is likely to be displayed, including, critical problems of discipline, non-acceptance of the values of the teacher, the failure to develop and feel the need for an extensive vocabulary and a preference for a descriptive rather than an analytical cognitive process (p. 160). As previously evidenced the particular demographic of pupil are united due to the discourse they use, combine with this a united negative disposition towards schooling and it can be understood that willingness to discourse shift from this demographic may be very low.If this strategy has flaws, should the question of linguistic change to the curriculum be raised? It seems pertinent that if as mentioned all have access to a restricted linguistic code, and not all have access to an elaborated code, that a restricted code is the ideal tongue for teaching. Complications with this postulate are however immediately obvious, notably the impact on the quality of the subject knowledge being transferred to the pupil, and the power struggle that may result in using an inferior strand of language. Regarding the quality of the pedagogy, is it correct to propose for example, that in mathematics the word integer which is rich and very specific in meaning, elaborate in code, be sacrificed for the perhaps more accessible number, from a restricted code? One could foresee benefits in pupil attention, and it could be argued that a poor understanding is better than no understanding at all.


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