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Others are of the opinion that the changing role of the Council as a result of the transformation in international law through the 20th century has caused a shift from bilateral treaty relations to multilateral institutional framework. In essence the consent of states are no longer required before action can be taken putting into consideration the matter of which the Council has jurisdiction over, hence the need to legislate on behalf of the entire international community. This argument is in line with the need to interpret the Charter in light of its object and purpose in accordance with Article 32 of the Vienna Convention on the law of treaties. However, there is the need for such laws when the need arises for them to be made in accordance with the limitations set by the Charter which will be explored further in the chapter taking the case study of the sanctions placed on Iraq during the Gulf conflict. Chesterman opines that for the Council to become a world legislator there is the need for a conscious transfer of such power from the member states to the Council to elevate it to that status.


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