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这是通过在国际数学和科学发展趋势的结果进一步支持,科学的学生评价2003马来西亚蒂姆斯。蒂姆斯评估的目的是帮助学生提高学习数学和自然科学的评价一般侧重于学生的数学和科学技能。在评估中,我们的学生平均得分为504,超过国际平均水平的474(马丁等,2004),并放置马来西亚在44个参与国的第十九。与亚洲、中国、中国、中国、韩国等地的发展中国家相比,在太平洋等国家的学生的表现,其表现其实并不是真正令人印象深刻的,比如说,在中国,比如说,在中国的其他国家,比如说,在中国,比如说,在中国,比如说,在中国的首都,比如说,中国,台北,和中国的首都,以及。争论的焦点是哪些方面缺乏马来西亚学生,因为那些国家获得了前3名的名次,因此有明显的表现比我们的学生。 另一个有趣的见解,研究人员通过非正式访谈的高级教师和讲座,以及他作为一个科学的学生和在职教师的个人经验收集的事实是,马来西亚教育系统过于注重考试。为了在马来西亚教育系统生存,学生需要Excel在公开考试(UPSR、PMR、SPM)。某种情况下,影响教学和学习的过程,这是课程的一部分。教师们承认,重点是在学校管理的时间内完成教学大纲。通过对学生的非正式访谈,研究者还发现学生认为他们更容易集中精力为考试做准备而不是从事有意义的学习。


This is further supported by the results of Trends in International Math & Science, TIMMS assessment in science taken by Malaysian students in 2003. The TIMMS assessment is designed to help to improve students’ learning in math and science where the assessment generally focuses on the students’ mathematics and science skills. In the assessment, our students scored an average of 504 which exceeds the international average of 474 (Martin et al, 2004) and placed Malaysia to be at 19th out of 44 participating countries. The performance actually is not truly impressive if compared to the performance of students from other developing countries in Asia pacific such as Singapore Chinese-Taipei and Republic of Korea. The line of argument is what are the aspects that lacking in Malaysian students since those nations secured the top 3 placing and therefore have clearly performed better than our students.Another interesting insight which the researcher gathered through informal interviews with the senior teachers and lectures, as well as his personal experience as a science student and in-service teacher is the fact that Malaysian education system gives too much focus on examination. In order to survive in the Malaysian education system, students need to excel in public examinations (UPSR, PMR, SPM). Somehow the situation affects teaching and learning process which is a part of the curriculum. Teachers admitted that the focus is only to finish the syllabus within the time allocated by the school administration. Through informal interviews with the students, the researcher also discovered that students think it is easier for them to focus and prepare themselves for the examination instead of engaging in meaningful learning.


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