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Although the two countries health systems are significantly different, there are a few aspects that are similar. The systems are similar in terms of wanting to provide the best quality of care for all patients. The two countries want to ensure that patients are being able to afford treatment when they are in need it of it. They also want to ensure that when they are receiving the treatment that they are the best quality care that is possible. Australia and the United States also want to ensure that patients are able to access the care when necessary.The leaders of the United States could learn some valuable aspects for the Australian health care system. One thing that the United States leaders should take in consideration is implementing a universal health care system. The universal system in Australia has been beneficial to the citizens and their health. In the United States there are much larger groups of people who are considered to be vulnerable populations and do not receive treatment when they are in need. Health insurance in the United States can be very expensive if you want good coverage. However, there are people that cannot afford to have any health insurance. Although there are programs for people with low incomes; sometimes these people are over qualified to be eligible for these programs. Which means that these people do not have health insurance at all and have to pay any medical expenses out of pocket. This is the reason why many Americans fail to receive necessary treatment until they are rushed to the emergency room when the symptoms become serious. The United States could also look into spending less on GDP and making sure that the money spent on health insurance is going to improve the overall care and health the citizens. Thus far, the United States spends a significant larger portion of money than Australia and fails to have the quality of health care that Australia has overall.


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