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通常认为,高等教育教学主题的知识和直觉决策的结果根据教师的经验和信仰主题应该如何教(Turner-Bisset,2001;舒尔曼,2001)。然而,信仰是如此强大的影响,影响教师实施他们的工作,因为他们的每一个方面作为眼镜过滤每一个解释和决定教师约翰逊(1999)。教师教育项目多次不成功的在帮助职前教师发展现代教育学的方法,因为这些项目不考虑他们的信仰(Wideen Mayer-Smith和月亮,1998)。邓(2004)认为,职前教师信念需要转换为职前教师教育的新途径。然而,改变信仰不是一件容易的努力。威廉姆斯(1999)表明,socio-constructivist视图之间的学习,教师教育者调解通过反射理论和实践将帮助学习者重塑或构造新的信仰。因此,确定职前教师的信念,让这些未来的教师意识到自己的信念似乎教师教育项目的关键。 目前的研究在文学学士英语语言教学在英语教学(BA)已为其主要目的为未来的英语教师提供专业的准备。学生的最后两个学期英航程序放置在机构,在那里他们可以实践教学。因此,这种情况下提供了一个很好的机会来发现这些学生的信仰之前和之后的教学阶段,试图了解他们的教学信念是如何工作的。本文的目的,考虑到程序的学生最后一年来首次职前教师和教学成为在职教师,他们将被称为职前教师或参与者,因为他们不会接收到程序的实现程度。


It is often assumed that teaching in higher education is the result of the subject-matter knowledge and intuitive decisions based on teachers’ experience and beliefs about how the subject-matter should be taught (Turner-Bisset, 2001; Shulman, 2005). However, beliefs are such powerful influences that affect the way teachers carry out every aspect of their work because they act as lenses which filter every interpretation and decision teachers make (Johnson 1999). Teacher education programs are many times unsuccessful in helping pre-service teachers to develop modern approaches to pedagogy because these programs do not consider their beliefs (Wideen, Mayer-Smith and Moon, 1998). Deng (2004) argues that pre-service teacher beliefs need to be transformed for pre-service teachers to teach in new ways. However, transforming beliefs is not an easy endeavor. Williams (1999) suggests that a socio-constructivist view of learning where teacher educators mediate between theory and practice through reflection will help learners reshape or construct new beliefs. Therefore, identifying pre-service teacher beliefs and making these future teachers aware of their own beliefs seems crucial for teacher education programs.The present study took place in a Bachelor of Arts in English Language Teaching (BA in ELT) which has as its main purpose to offer professional preparation for future teachers of English. Students in their last two semesters of the BA program are placed in institutions where they can practice teaching. Therefore, this context offers a great opportunity to find out these students’ beliefs before and after the teaching stage to try to understand the how their teaching beliefs work. For the purpose of this paper and, considering that the students of the program are first pre-service teachers and in the last years of instruction become in-service teachers, they will be referred to as pre-service teachers or participants because they will not receive the degree until the fulfillment of the program.


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