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The overall concept that had emerged was that the art of music education provides students with the freedom to just be who they are, whether that is to be different, be a person they had no idea they could become, to be accepted and feel at ease and stress free in school and through their everyday lives (MENC 7). Students have noted in academic essays that music was a greater source of a get-a-way for them. A typical answer came from a girl who stated “When I am angry or everything seems like it’s spinning out of control, I write a song. It calms me down and gets my feelings out.” As for another student who stated that “The only way for most teenagers to express their anger… in a nonviolent way is through music.” Music also can act as a coping mechanism for an adolescent who is dealing with the pressures of society, family life, and the aspects of friendships and social status. Song lyrics are realized as a message that act as a hope, that you do you not need to feel alone because people have experienced the pain and struggles that you are feeling. Students have wrote and explained that music was a great factor of coping for them, and without it being present in their struggles, it would not of been possible to endure the struggles and obstacles of the teenage life.As well as the emotional benefits which music has to offer to teenagers, it also has social benefits which are essential for social interaction and influence of peer pressure.”Secondary students, who participated in band or orchestra, reported the lowest lifetime and current use of all substances (alcohol, tobacco, illicit drugs.) (CMW 1). On the same side, the MENC newsletter also stated that “Students spoke of music’s social benefits in relation to its function as a distraction from involvement in spurious activity such as drugs, alcohol, smoking (cigarettes), gang life, and promiscuous sex-in their own lives or in the lives of adolescents in general.”(MENC 8). Music has a strong influence on teenagers and also has the ability to deter teenagers from suicidal tendencies, by allowing the singers and instrumentalists meaning in their young lives. Being involved in orchestra, band or even choir, provides students with the means of interacting and meeting new people, along with creating new and lasting friendships. Being involved in musical ensembles allows a person to step outside their comfort zone and interact with new people. It also enables a student to feel secure within the group. Images of families have been chosen to illustrate this feeling of security that they were experience as the result of taking part in the musical ensembles at their school including: band, orchestra or choir.


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