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Essentially as there are contrasting differences between the two countries, it is vital that the people management approach within the subsidiary of the Haier Electronics UK could be tailor according to the cultural and contextual factors, rather than implementing the same standardized approach in the country. For this purpose a senior level executive who have worked in the HR department of the organization and who is aware of the organization’s culture should be assign the task to manage the people’s issue in UK. However, before giving him or her assignment he or she should be given consistent training and development that how the host country is different from the home country and what sort of adaptation in terms of the human resource management will be required. The strategy should be chalked out with consultation with the HR department and other senior level position and should be pursue in such a manner that could enable the organization to accomplish its long-term goals and objectives. Once a careful strategy is chalked out the HR expert belonging to China should be sent on the mission to UK who will undertake the HR’s leadership role in the country.

There are a lot of changes that will required in the basic HR strategy of the organization that include but not limited to the basic personal management approach and rather than pursuing a short-term approach the organization should give a strategic touch towards its human resource strategy. This will required carrying out the strategic planning process regarding the human resources that will be directed towards the recruitment and selection of the desired individuals having the desired skills and then providing them the desired training and development directed towards imparting all the skills from the planning towards the implementation. In addition, the motivation approach of the organization need also to be considered, particularly in the UK subsidiary and essentially the reward of the firm should be linked to the performance of the organization. In addition, the performance appraisal system of the organization should also be reconsidered and the HR should involve both superiors and subordinate in the performance appraisal system. In fact, efforts should be directed towards the implementation of the performance management system rather than simply performance appraisal system.


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