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In a not so distant future, mankind has left earth because of the state it has become. Completely over run by rubbish that towers over the tallest skyscraper, all the rubbish seems to be the product of a multi-million dollar company, Buy N’ Large. One robot has been left behind to clean up the mess, Wall-E, one of the last living things on the planet, as well as his pet, a cockroach. Wall-E is infatuated with the objects left behind by people, enriched with mankind’s history and a tape of show tunes he found. One day he follows a light hoping to add it to his collection, unbeknownst to him, its actually part of the landing process for a ship carrying the Eve probe. Eve has been sent to find evidence of life being sustainable once again on earth. Wall-E falls in love with Eve, and rescues her from a dust storm, and takes her back to where he lives. He shows Eve all of his trinkets, including his latest find, a plant. This plant is what Eve has gone to earth for, she takes the plant from Wall-E and then shuts down, with just a green plant symbol on her front blinking. Wall-E isn’t sure what has happened to her, and thinks that her battery could just be running low, so he takes her outside to charge in the sun, and makes many attempts to wake her up. When that fails he protects her from the various weather conditions, until the ship comes back to retrieve her. Something Wall-E didn’t expect, so he hitches a ride on the back of the ship, to the axiom. The axiom is the space cruise ship that is carrying all the people of earth who evacuated over 700 years ago; they were only supposed to be aboard for 5 years whilst the robots cleaned up the planet. The people of earth are all living a secluded life, never walking anywhere, constantly in their floating chairs, which give them full access to TV and social networking. They never eat solid foods, they drink it all from a cup and a straw, and they’ve all become overweight due to bone loss, and lack of exercise. Any exercise they do is done through a robot that they control on their screens. When Eve manages to bring the plant back to the pilot, the auto pilot, who’s acting upon instructions given to him 700 years ago, stages a mutiny, so that nobody will be able to return to earth. It’s with the help of Wall-E that the people aboard the axiom realise that they need to go back to earth to save it an end the “5 year cruise”.


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