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Providing a learning environment that contributes to the learner’s needs is the key to their success. The word ‘learning environment’ brings to my mind the traditional classroom I was in many years back where my learning suffered a lot. We were sitting in rows and allowed to listen only to the teacher’s lecture based instruction. There were no communication between the teachers and the children, peer learning was alien to us and teacher centred education was commonly in place. Teacher- learner relationship was limited and teacher talk time was more than student talk time. Further the teachers mostly tended to emphasize the content of their subjects instead of their importance as ways of experiencing and knowing the real world. There were no teaching resources like maps, overhead projectors, computers, counters or flash cards instead we only had box full of chalks in the classroom. High achievers, challenged children and the reluctant workers all were treated equally in my class and my class teacher always wanted to show us that she was the boss by having her desk and chair in front of the class. For me, curriculum means what exactly happens in classrooms. The curriculum which I had been taught was used as a package of materials or a syllabus of ground to be covered and it was based on lot of board work and seat work. Every single child should be given proper education that begins from his or her own classroom. How can we set up an ideal classroom to provide quality education for all?


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