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牙科保健专家有责任教育对口腔癌患者。为了让病人做出消息灵通的决定对他们的牙齿和整体健康,可以挽救许多的生命早期检测。不仅仅为口腔癌筛查发现疾病也往往作为病人的学习知识。本文从口腔卫生杂志》83.3(2009),“在2005年,超过800人在口腔癌筛查在纽约和新泽西,这是发现,大多数人没有认识到酗酒是口腔癌的危险因素,尽管它是第二个风险最高后吸烟”(134 – 140)。牙科保健专家有一个道德义务教他们的病人,并教育他们要执行在所有阶段的牙科治疗。这个教学可能包括图片、传单、小册子、书籍、视频、计算机演示,交流。根据职业前景手册(哦),2010 – 11版,劳工统计局(Bureau of Labor Statistics)”,增加增长约为36%,1230年预计年度工作机会(800年由于经济增长和430年由于更换”。2008年就业的数量是174100人,在2018年,预计就业在美国是237000。


Dental Hygienists have a responsibility to educate their patients about oral cancer. In order to empower patients to make well-informed decisions about their teeth and overall health, many lives can be saved with early detections. Screenings for oral cancer not simply uncover the disease but also tend to as a learning knowledge for patients. In the article from the Journal of Dental Hygiene 83.3 (2009), “In 2005, during an oral cancer screening of over 800 people in New York and New Jersey, it was discovered that most people did not recognize alcohol abuse as being a risk factor for oral cancer, despite it being the second highest risk after smoking” (134-140). Dental Hygienists have an ethical duty to teach their patients, and educate them to be performed during all phases of dental treatment. This teaching may include pictures, handouts, pamphlets, books, videos, computer presentations, and exchanges.According to the Occupational Outlook Handbook (OOH), 2010-11 Edition, Bureau of Labor Statistics, “Increasing Growth is estimated to be 36%, 1,230 estimated annual job openings (800 due to growth and 430 due to replacement”. The number of employment in 2008 was 174,100 people, in 2018; the projected employment is 237,000 in the United States.


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