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This research aims to find out the pre-service teachers’ beliefs about English language teaching and learning. It also focuses on whether those current beliefs were influenced by their teaching courses and experience gained throughout their time spent during their academic preparation as English teachers. This research highlights the importance of not only raising the teacher educators’ awareness of the pre-service students’ beliefs about language learning and teaching but of making the participants aware of their own beliefs. It also stresses the crucial need for English language teacher educators and program designers to identify the pre-service students’ beliefs at initial stages of instruction so that they can develop strategies to modify and understand those beliefs which hinder the efficacy of teacher instruction. This longitudinal study also aims to contribute to the theory about pre-service teacher beliefs and hopes to add to the literature that informs the practices of teacher education. Moreover, it also presents information about a context that has been scarcely explored, that of pre-service teachers of English in Mexico.This paper is organized in the following way. First, some key aspects of the literature are presented followed by the context of the study. Then, the methodology and the data collection are explained, concluding with the presentation of results and discussion of the findings.


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