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The key thing that has seen the success of the alliance is having the same vision of expanding their operation globally. Due to the common goal, they managed to create and ensure they developed as well as delivered excellent transformational values which were focused on developing as well as maintaining an integrated supply chain. This allowed them to get access to new geographies as well as expand their operations globally. Sharing of a common vision has enabled the alliance to be a success. It his was not the foundation of the partnership, the partnership would not have lasted this long. A common vision helps an organization to grow and expand their operations .The alliance has seen both partners combining their efforts to help in marketing their products. Coca-Cola Company has more resources, and thus it has helped McDonald’s to advertise itself with much ease. The collaborative strategies by the firm have also contributed to product development through research and development. This has made the organization to grow as well as meet the demands of the consumers. Coca-Cola Company recently has helped McDonald’s to create a new product line in the smoothie’s meal.


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