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罗克代尔县是一个小而紧密的社区,由亚特兰大一个令人向往的地区的富裕家庭组成。在这里,至少19名女性和4名男性是梅毒爆发的一部分(Ross, 1999)。通过采访和调查得知,疫情的中心是一群年龄不超过16岁的年轻女孩。性行为有时会伴随着毒品和酒精的使用,而且性行为的对象是年龄稍大的男孩。这些互动发生在女孩的家中,当时她的父母不在家。这些女孩不仅与彼此发生性关系,而且与所有其他男孩在一个开放和公共的环境。贝丝·罗斯(Beth Ross)已经做了16年的咨询师,她说,孩子们对当今世界的需求与16年前她刚开始工作时一样;他们没有改变这些孩子有相同的需求,唯一改变的是父母双方都在工作,变得太“忙”了。她还指出,这些年轻女孩的年龄非常小,她们在性方面非常活跃,这是因为她们需要被要求,也需要被爱和被需要。这是由于他们在童年时期缺乏在如此年轻的时候就有性行为的欲望。她提到这些学生在他们的生活中缺乏限制和结构,没有父母在他们身边告诉他们你能走多远,什么是可以接受的。16年前,父母对孩子是什么更加固执,也不允许他们这样做,所以在他们心中,他们的极限是什么是毫无疑问的。一些父母说,他们不喜欢自己的成长方式,他们永远不会像对待自己的孩子那样对待自己的孩子,但这正是他们所憎恨的结构,就像一个孩子走出了窗户,反抗开始了。规则和结构对孩子至关重要。


Rockdale County is a small, close-knit community, made up of wealthy families in a desirable part of Atlanta. Here, at least 19 females and 4 males were part of the syphilis outbreak (Ross, 1999). Through interviews and investigations it was learned that at the center of the outbreak were a group of young girls that were no older than 16 . The sexual activity would sometimes be accompanied with the use of drugs and alcohol, and the sexual interactions were with slightly older boys. These interactions would take place at one of the girl’s home when her parents were not in the house. These girls not only had sex with each other but also with all of the other boys in an open and communal environment.Beth Ross has been a counselor for over 16 years and says that the needs of children into today’s world are the same as 16 years ago when she started; they have not changed These children have the same needs, the only thing that has changed is that both sets of parents are now working and have become too “busy”. She also points out that the young girls, who are at such shockingly young ages, that are sexually active and it stems from being asked as well as needing to feel loved and wanted. This comes from something lacking in the childhood for them to desire to become sexually active at such a young age. She mentions that these students are lacking limits and structure in their lives, lack of parents being there for them to say this is how far you go and what is acceptable. Sixteen years ago parents were more adamant about what children were and were not allowed to do so there was no question in their mind what their limits were. Some parents say that they did not like the way they were raised and that they would never treat their child the way they were treated, but this is when the structure they hated as a child goes out of the window and where rebellion begins. Rules and structure are crucial to children.


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