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这个主题将人类的生命呈现为神圣的。人类是按照上帝的形象创造的。因此,人的生命具有无与伦比的尊严,遵守这种神圣性是道德社会的基础(Laudato Si 117)。人们通过反对堕胎、投票反对死刑、谴责恐怖主义行为、贩卖人口和奴隶制、帮助穷人、为饥饿的人捐赠粮食、庇护难民和志愿帮助老年人和残疾人,以此为主题为他人服务。当雇主确保雇员在不危及他们生命的环境中工作时,他们也会为雇员提供服务。对我们当地社区来说,实行这一主题是重要的,因为对人的尊严的侮辱不仅毒害了社会,而且严重影响到实行不人道行为的个人。人类不能单独存在。他们的本性是在一个社区中彼此交往。家庭是社会结构中不可分割的一部分,因为正是从家庭中,个人学会如何与他人交往,在生活的各个方面给予安慰、支持和进步(明尼苏达天主教会议)。父母通过教导孩子良好的道德和纠正他们的错误来实现这一主题。此外,当父母把家庭放在他们的差异之上,当他们保持对彼此的忠诚时,他们就是在保护家庭,因为这些行为防止了离婚或分居后家庭的分裂(Amoris Laetitia 290)。当人们参与社区服务时,他们也在服务。参加促进社区全体人民福祉的活动,使人们团结一致,共同进步。每个人都有责任遵守其他人的权利,并确保他们履行对他们的义务。这是维护人权和促进良好社区的唯一途径。人们通过促进工厂使用清洁能源来体现对社会的责任,因为这减少了导致全球变暖的温室气体的数量。当人们生产对消费者安全的产品时,他们也会尊重他人的权利。自私和个人主义是人类的本性。如果不遵守这一主题,就会造成一个无法无天的社会,在这个社会中,每个人都试图满足自己的利益,而很少顾及他人的权利。


This theme presents human life as sacred. Human beings were created in the image of God. Thus the human life has incomparable dignity, and the observance of this sanctity is the foundation of a moral society (Laudato Si 117). People are serving other people by this theme by fighting abortion, voting against death penalties, condemning acts of terrorism, human trafficking and slavery, helping the poor, donating food for the starving people, sheltering refugees and volunteering to help the elderly and the disabled. Employers also serve their employees when they ensure that employees are working in environments that do not endanger their lives (Kaczor). It is important for our local community to practice this theme because not only does the insult to human dignity poison the society it gravely affects the individuals who practice inhuman acts.Human beings cannot exist alone. It is in their nature to associate with one another in a community. The family is an integral part of the social structure because it is from it that individuals learn how to interact with other people comfort, support and progress in all aspects of life (Minnesota Catholic Conference). Parents are fulfilling this theme by teaching their children good morals and correcting them when they are wrong. Additionally, parents are preserving the family when they put their families above their differences and when they remain faithful to each other as these acts prevent the fragmentation of the family after divorce or after separation (Amoris Laetitia 290). People also serve when they participate in community service. Participating in activities that promote the good of all people in the community brings people together and makes them progress with unity. It is the responsibility of every human being to observe the rights of other people and to ensure that they fulfil their obligations towards them. This is the only way to preserve human rights and promote a good community (Kaczor). People show responsibility towards the society through promoting the use of clean energy in their factories as this reduces the amount of green house gases that contribute to global warming. People also observe the rights of fellow human beings when they manufacture goods that are safe for consumers. It is the nature of human beings to be selfish and individualistic. Failing to observe this theme will create a lawless society where everyone seeks to satisfy his interests with little regard for other people’s rights.


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