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By disregarding the present, Willy fails to manage reality. He has an inclination of living in the past and thinking of the future. He generally believes that in the event that he had accomplished something uniquely in contrast to this could have happened, or things will show signs of improvement over the long haul. His propensity for twisting the past, never permits Willy to acknowledge what is going on at that moment in the present. At one time, when Willy goes off through a world of fond memories, he “says” to Biff and Happy, “America is loaded with wonderful towns and fine, upstanding individuals. What’s more, they know me, young men the finest individuals there’ll be open sesame for every one of us, cause one thing young men: I have companions. I can stop my auto in any road and the cops ensure it like their own”. Willy makes this bending of the past keeping in mind the end goal to make he trust that he has accomplished the American Dream. Now and again while doing this was impractical, Willy looks to the future and supposes he can even now accomplish it then. For example, he has this fantasy of having a major, fantastic burial service. At last when Willy bites the dust, at his memorial service, Linda says, “Why didn’t anyone come Where are every one of the general population he knew?” . All his life, he clutches this dream, however he never confronts the truth of how he could have made it work out. It is his vision of the general population of the past that lead Willy to take after a specific way, prompting to his destruction at last.


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