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During my research I came across a great philosopher which I tend to agree with, John Dewey. According to him, education is the “creation of knowledge through inquiry rather than the transmission of extant information”. Moreover, he stated that “genuine education is based on the experience of the learner”. As a student, I spent school years learning in an improper way. I was far from being an academically excelling student since I literally did not know how to learn. Hence I could not understand how to go through the most important things which was necessary to remember that my teachers would want me to know and understand. I realised that I learn by doing and not by listening to lectures.My philosophy is mainly a combination of progressivism, behaviourism and existentialism. I like progressive approach as I understand that teachers need to be there for their students. Teachers act as a facilitator and a guide to their students. Students do need to learn to do things on their own and at their own pace, yet with scaffolding. I become conscious that students are not empty vessels rather they possesses innately the “raw materials” and the starting point of growth (Dewey, 1934). Dewey strongly agrees that teachers should guide student through experience but student should equally voice their experiences (Nodding, 2007). I believe in the progressivism endeavour to make schooling both interesting and useful. Hence I intend to incorporate group-work, field trips and organising games in my class. Sometimes seeing is better than reading, and doing an exercise is better remembered and understood than just reading it. I also like the philosophy of behaviorism because it provides positives reinforcements like rewards and praise for good and desired behavior. This will encourage motivation, build self-esteem and innate a feeling of self-responsibility within the students. However, to deal with disruptive students sometimes, in extreme cases, teachers need to adopt negative reinforcement like extra homework. Using existentialism, I want my students to be self expressive. There will be all types of students from slow, to average, to gifted. I want my students to always feel like they can ask questions and to be able to express their views.


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