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Household size is the main factor as it refers to age of household members. For instance, teenagers tend to have a longer shower time. On the other hand, the presence of kids in households also consume a high level of water due to the use of bathtubs and also more washing loads compared to households without young children. However, household income could affect the level of use of water. Other factors that affect the hot water consumption include the behaviour of household members. For instance, the showering frequency and the flow rates and duration. The more frequent the household members shower and if the flow rate is set on the highest and also they are showering for a longer time, the level of water usage would be very high. In addition, the frequency use of dishwasher, the water levels settings and the preferred washing temperatures on the clothes washer will also affect the hot water consumption in household. On the other hand, the selection of hot water system could be influenced by some minor demographic and geographical factors such as households, which have access to gas, they would prefer to have gas heaters.


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