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新西兰社会学作业代写 人类的眼睛


新西兰社会学作业代写 人类的眼睛

From ancient history onwards, human eye has been mentioned as the most precious gift. Therefore, the loss of an eye has always been a big misfortune and the person can be only return to their normal life by replacement procedure. So, using prosthetic materials a stimulation of human anatomy can be done to create a perfectly normal eye with surrounding tissue and this procedure is called ocular prosthesis [3]. Most of the patients rely on prosthetic devices, which directly give stimulation to the surviving cells, bypassing the damaged retinal tissues A prosthetic device or Prosthetic eyeis going to be designed to replace damaged parts of visual system by an electronic device which functions exactly same as an eye. Such devices use electronic component to capture the image and convert it into the signals that brain understands, and this is how prosthetic device bypasses the damaged part and able the person envisioned to the beautiful world Brain-computer interface are the systems used to control a device with help of the interface connection between brain and computer. This system consists of electronic parts in-order to acquire signals from brain, algorithms generator to decode signals, and some effectors that help user to control. At the point when the client can see the effectors under control, the system is closed-loop so that the client can learn dependent on inconsistencies among planned and genuine kinematic results .

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