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社会和文化对咖啡产业的影响程度因国家而异。以澳大利亚为例,澳大利亚浓厚的咖啡饮用文化对专业咖啡店的增长产生了重大影响,尤其是在年轻一代中。在澳大利亚,喝咖啡已经成为现代生活方式不可分割的一部分,专业咖啡店已经不仅仅是一个喝咖啡的地方。澳大利亚的热饮销量继续增长,总销量增幅超过3%。在2007年,由于澳大利亚贸易专业咖啡店和其他咖啡馆/酒吧的数量不断增加,贸易内销售额的增长比贸易外销售额的增长更为强劲。2007年的调查结果主要是由咖啡推动的,而新鲜咖啡的趋势仍在继续。(热饮料)咖啡消费量的趋势继续朝着好的和坏的两个方向变化。麦克勒弗(n.d.)指出,好的一面是,人们倾向于用更健康的生活方式来取代酒精。最近的健康研究表明,酒精还可以有益于心脏,对抗癌症、糖尿病和帕金森氏症,还可能改善你的性生活。咖啡往往作为一种社会催化剂,并已进入买得起的奢侈品类别。马丁”(2005)。然而,另一方面,格洛丽亚牛仔裤在现代世界面临的问题是世界各地的人肥胖的上升。Gloria Jeans了解这一点很重要,因为这将直接影响到他们的销售和消费。下图显示了每个国家的肥胖率。


The degree of social and cultural influences on the coffee industry will vary from country to country. Take Australia for an example ‘Australia’s strong coffee drinking culture has heavily influenced growth in specialist coffee shops, especially among the younger generation. Coffee drinking has become an integral part of the modern lifestyle in Australia and specialist coffee shops have become more than just a place for coffee.‘Hot drinks in Australia continued to grow with total volume growth of over 3%. On-trade volume sales posted stronger growth than off-trade volume sales in 2007 due to the rising number of on-trade specialist coffee shops and other cafés/bars in Australia. The 2007 result was driven mainly by coffee, where the trend toward fresh coffee continued.’(Hot Drinks n.d)The trend of coffee consumptions continues to change in both direction good and bad. The good side is people tend to have healthier lifestyles to replace alcohol noted by Mclver (n d.) recent health studies have shown that the drink can also benefit the heart, fight cancer, diabetes and Parkinson’s and it might also improve your sex life. Coffee tends to acts as a social catalyst and has moved into category of affordable luxuries.’ (Martin 2005). However on the other hand the problem that Gloria Jeans faces in the modern world is the rise of obesity among people around the world. It is important for Gloria Jeans to understand this, as it will directly affect them in terms of sales and consumption. The picture below shows the percentage of obesity in each country.


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