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Promotion: The enterprise should adapt multiple promotional channels such as e- marketing, public relations, social networking and so forth. Most importantly the company should concentrate on making a strong and consistent presence of the company as well as expansion of e- commerce website within this regards it has been suggested that the company should make its distinction on major search engines like Yahoo, msn etc. The reason behind doing so is to generate online traffic for the company as well as including provision of shared links in coordination with other e- commerce websites / companies offering similar services and products to the customers. The company can also improve its web presence by means of including familiar key words and by means of paying a specific amount to major search engines so that the web link of London’s Ships can be sponsored and appear with the results of the search engine. This can be made possible through outsourcing a search engine placement company whose job is to generate customer awareness, increase online traffic etc. for the enterprise. Most importantly London’s Ships should adapt to the process of email marketing. An e- mail marketing campaign that is designed for generating revenues as well as retaining customers likely to provide benefits such as higher number of customers visiting the website, increased brand awareness, brand development. Further on email marketing can also benefit the company through giving a cost effective solution that is equally influential in attracting global tourists towards the UK tourism industry. Some of the compatible channels of communication of e- marketing are newsletters, brochures etc.


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