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Having friends in the dental hygiene program is another important factor to be successful. Since students need to find clinic patients by themselves, and it is better to look for patients together and share all the patients whom they found. During clinic days, students need to be in the clinic early in order to get ready for patients. It includes 15-minute sterilization processes and some paper work. If you were running late, for some reason, you can just call your friends to help you set up the operatory which includes sterilize the room, put barriers on, sharp instruments, and set up instruments, so you can see patient on time. The most important thing is that you can complain to them, talk to them, and cry in front of them. They what is happening to you, so they know how to comfort you. Nobody can understand your stress except your friends in the same programs like you, even your family members will not be able to understand your stress.Most of the courses in the dental hygiene program are related to science, so having the strong basic science background can make student life easier in the program. After student graduate from the program, they will get an AA degree which does not seem reasonable to a lot of people. Since their courses are all based on the science background, why can’t they get the AS degree? If you want to work in a private dental office, an AA degree is good enough. To me, there’s no difference between AA and AS but AS sounds more intelligent. A lot of graduates went to continue education to get their bachelor degree after they were graduated. It does not necessary to have a bachelor degree dental hygiene, can be any major. Dental hygienists who have their bachelor degrees have a wider career selection. They do not need to be stuck the private dental office only. They do research or teaching as well.


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