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Given the time and resource constraints that our thesis group is faced, we are expecting to have approximately 500-700 respondents that will satisfy the qualifications stated earlier. We will be using a quota sampling method, wherein the survey areas are pre-selected depending on whether it is a below the poverty line community. Subsequently, the respondents per community are selected based on convenience, meaning that we will generally be surveying those who are actually willing to be surveyed.We have two ways of how are we going to do our survey. First is that we are going to survey poor households throughout NCR because these are the poor people who we can see everyday in our life. Second is with the help of Center of Social Concern and Action (COSCA) and its partner organizations.With the help of COSCA and its partner organizations in the NSTP-CWTS, we will be able to survey various poor households. Not only will this minimize the time needed to survey, but it will also allow us to reach poor communities that are relatively less accessible, expanding the variety and number of respondents in our sample population.


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