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欧里庇得斯的美狄亚女性角色的本质是转达了双重方式:1)比喻的描述——通过其他人物的意见和合唱,和2)self-characterisation -通过美狄亚的戏剧性的独白。描述主人公,字符和合唱曲的插曲中存在客观的判断,而有争议的。例如,护士把美狄亚作为受害者的命运和自我毁灭的人可以虐待和谋杀。作者用心理现实主义的元素揭示美狄亚的行为是如何改变了在各种情况下。从爱和忠诚的妻子和母亲,她逐渐变成了仇恨的女人不能忘记杰森的背叛。而合唱证明她决定报复她的丈夫谋杀了杰森的未婚夫,它进一步警告美狄亚反对杀害自己的孩子:“你将是最可怜的女人如果你注定要杀死你的后裔”(欧里庇得斯,2000年第2000行)。欧里庇得斯的合唱由女性提供合理和非感情的评论美狄亚的行为。与客观的角度来看,欧里庇得斯介绍了主观视角。这种主体性从美狄亚的独白,反映了女性角色的内在特征——思想、情感和感觉。这些独白揭示美狄亚的内部冲突和传达一个女人的困境在希腊父权社会;因此,主人公的情绪比她的行为变得更加重要。这种主体性允许欧里庇得斯创建一个复杂和模棱两可的主角谁能理解和欣赏。美狄亚是一个悲剧性的人物,破坏了她的“自我”和她的生活因为杰森的背叛


In Euripides’ Medea the nature of the female character is conveyed in a two-fold manner: 1) figural characterisation – through the opinions of other characters and the chorus, and 2) self-characterisation – through Medea’s dramatic monologues. Describing the protagonist, the characters and the choric interludes present the objective judgments that are rather controversial. For instance, the nurse treats Medea as both a victim of destiny and a self-destructive individual who is capable of cruelty and murder. The author uses the elements of psychological realism to reveal how Medea’s behaviour is changed under various circumstances. From a loving and devoted wife and mother she gradually turns into a revengeful woman who can not forget Jason’s betrayal. While the chorus justifies her decision to avenge her husband by murdering Jason’s fiancé, it further warns Medea against killing her own children: “you will be the most wretched of women if you are destined to kill your offspring” (Euripides, 2000 line 816). Euripides’ chorus consists of women who provide reasonable and unemotional comments on Medea’s actions. In contrast to the objective perspective, Euripides introduces the subjective perspective. This subjectivity emerges from Medea’s monologues that reflect inner characteristics of the female character – thoughts, emotions and feelings. These monologues reveal Medea’s internal conflicts and convey the difficult position of a woman in Greek patriarchal society; therefore, protagonist’s emotions become more important than her actions. Such subjectivity allows Euripides to create a complex and ambiguous protagonist who can be understood and appreciated. Medea appears to be a tragic character that destroys her “self” and her life because of Jason’s betrayal


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