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计算机技术有一个有效的学习潜力,很长一段时间,各种计算机应用也被开发和用于物理教学,如电子表格,建模,多媒体,模拟,教程,互联网和微型计算机为基础的实验室。此外,计算机硬件和软件已被开发用于科学实验室。然而,根据伯恩哈德(2007)的观点,我们必须分析计算机技术在物理教育中的作用,以便理解和有效地利用计算机的全部潜能。探索计算机模拟的综合物理实验室使用支架的方法,在这一部分;我分析了使用计算机模拟而不是从文学学习物理动手实验。物理教育实验对学习的重要作用。基于实践经验的实验室应用,学生参与讲座的积极,因此,他们的积极参与,鼓励他们有意义的学习(感1998)。虽然目前的具体经验和动手实验的机会,应对学生的困难,使用真实的材料,在实验的过程中导致消费时指令(Nussbaum &诺维克,1982;lazarowitz与塔米尔,1994;Lunetta,2003)。例如,如果我们看一个实验室的会议的持续时间,这是不可能的高中学生完成的活动,是学生不能发起,总结和理解活动在这样一个实验室的时间会议。


Computer technology has an effective potential on learning and a long this time a variety of computer applications have also been developed and used in teaching physics, such as spreadsheets, modeling, multimedia, simulations, tutorials, Internet and microcomputer-based laboratories. Besides, computer hardware and software have been developed for use in the science laboratory. However, according to Bernhard (2007), we must analyze the role of developing computer technology in physics education to understand and to use effectively the full potential of it. To explore supporter approaches to the use of computer simulations integrated physics laboratories, in this section; I analyzed the use of computer simulations as opposed to hands-on experimentation of physics learning from the literature.Laboratory experiments in physics education have a vital and central role on learning and teaching. In laboratory applications based on hands-on experience, students participate to the lecture actively and accordingly, their active participation encourages the meaningful learning of them (Edelson, 1998). Although hands-on experimentations present concrete experiences and opportunities to cope with student difficulties, using real materials during experiment process causes to consume time during instruction (Nussbaum & Novick, 1982; Lazarowitz & Tamir, 1994; Lunetta, 2003). For instance, if we look at the time duration for a single laboratory session, it is not possible for high school students to complete investigations of an activity that is students cannot initiate, conclude and understand the activity in such one laboratory session of time.


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