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加拿大在战场上的成就明显地促进了加拿大的民族主义。加拿大英勇无畏的战斗之一是伊普雷斯战役。第二支英国军队的指挥官史密斯将军说:“没有任何言语能让人更友善或充满赞美。”整个军队意识到这只是加拿大人的英勇行为拯救了伊普雷斯:否则,英国军队历史上最大的灾难就可能发生了。[7]加拿大参与伊普雷斯战役改变了许多加拿大人对自己国家的看法,并给他们带来了一种更好的民族主义意识。当加拿大军队用不可靠的大炮(Ross riffles)打赢了Ypres的战役时,这表明加拿大人可以用他们拥有的东西,无论情况如何,都能赢得一场战斗。加拿大在伊普尔战役中的努力改变了加拿大人对其国家的看法。


Canada’s achievements on the battleground demonstrably promoted Canadian nationalism. One of the battles in which Canada fought courageously and determinedly was the battle of Ypres. Commander of the Second British Army, General Smith Dorrien said “No words Could Be kinder or full of praise. The whole army realized that it was only the gallant actions of the Canadians that saved Ypres: otherwise one the greatest disasters in history of the British Army might have occurred.”[7] Canada’s involvement in the battle of Ypres changed the way many Canadians felt about their country and brought them a better sense of nationalism. When the Canadian army won the battle of Ypres using unreliable artillery (Ross riffles) it’s showed that Canadians could make due with what they have and win a battle no matter what the circumstances are. Canada’s effort in the battle of Ypres changed the way Canadians felt about its country in a positive way.


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