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许多加拿大人的看法改变了,因为维米岭战役的成功和胜利给他们带来了一种更好的民族主义意识。谢菲尔德写道:“很难避免的结论是,如果维米岭被英国或法国的队形占领,而不是加拿大军团,那么这一行动就不会享受现在的名人效应。”维米岭的共鸣主要是因为它在加拿大民族主义的成长中所扮演的角色。“[3]加拿大人在Vimy Ridge成功后认为他们可以独立自主,在没有英国或其他盟国帮助的情况下为自己而战。”这证明加拿大是一个强大的国家,也是一个独立的国家。这反过来又使加拿大对其国家有更大的奉献精神。第一次世界大战期间,妇女在加拿大的作用改变了许多加拿大人的观点,增加了他们的民族主义意识。“妇女是加拿大战争的重要组成部分,她们在后方、工厂和前线的努力对成功的结果非常重要。[4]在第一次世界大战期间,有一名妇女被要求做工作,承担超出他们传统期望的角色。他们成为加拿大社会的重要组成部分,并被加拿大人民所重视。这并不是女性在做类似事情的时候的标准。加拿大鼓励妇女参与战争和家庭前线,更多的加拿大人有更强烈的民族主义意识,因为他们觉得自己对待妇女更尊重。


The outlook of many Canadians changed as the success and victory of the battle of Vimy Ridge had brought them a better sense of nationalism. “It is difficult to avoid the conclusion that if Vimy Ridge had been captured by a British or French formation instead of the Canadian Corps, this action would not enjoy its current celebrity,” ‘Sheffield writes.”Vimy Ridge resonates largely because of its role in the growth of Canadian nationalism.”‘ [3]Canadians after the success of Vimy Ridge believed that they could stand on their own two feet and fight for them selves without the help of Britain or other allied nations. This proved Canada was a strong country and an independent one too. This in turn is what made Canada have a greater sense of devotion to its country. The role of women in Canada during World War One changed the perspective of many Canadians and increased their sense of nationalism. “Women were an essential component of the Canadian war effort and their efforts on the home front, in factories as well as on the battlefront were important to a successful outcome.”[4]During World War One woman were called on by necessity to do work and take on roles that were outside their traditional expectations. They became an important part of Canadian society, and became more valued by the people of Canada. This wasn’t considered the norm back in the day for women to be doing things like that. By Canada encouraging women to be involved in helping out in the war and at the home front, more Canadians have a greater sense of nationalism because they feel like their treating women with more respect.


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