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保持我们调查结果的可靠性和有效性,我们计划与COSCA的伙伴组织进行广泛的沟通。在他们接受我们的要求后,我们将进一步向他们解释我们的研究目标,我们想知道的,以及我们建议的抽样过程。为了将资源成本最小化到合作伙伴组织,我们将提供问卷,这些调查表将分发给社区中选定的受访者,并确保调查不会产生其他财务费用。随后,在COSCA的批准下,调查问卷可以在NSTP-CWTS暴露之旅中分发给社区内的各个组织,每个星期六都在dlsu -马尼拉的第二和第三学期。我们还将要求COSCA协助我们向这些组织提供什么激励,以诱使他们调查社区内不同的家庭,并向他们表示我们对给予我们的要求的感激之情。目前,我们预计这些激励措施将以货物和/或现金的形式提供。


maintain the reliability and validity of our survey results however, we plan to communicate extensively with COSCA’s partner organizations. Upon their acceptance of our request, we will further explain to them the objectives of our study, what we want to know, and our proposed sampling process. To minimize the resource costs to the partner organizations, we are going to provide the questionnaires which will be distributed to selected respondents in the community, and ensure that no other financial costs will arise from surveying. Subsequently, given COSCA’s approval as well, the survey questionnaires can be distributed to the respective organizations in the community during the NSTP-CWTS exposure trips which happens every Saturday on the 2nd and 3rd terms of the academic year in DLSU-Manila.We will also ask for COSCA’s assistance about what incentives we can give to these organizations to entice them to survey different households within their communities, as well as to show them our gratitude for granting our request. For now, we are expecting that these incentives will come in the form of donations in terms of goods and/or cash.


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