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在过去的几年里,许多电影公司发行了动画电影,他们想传达一个重要的信息。两例是辛普森(2007)和快乐的脚(2006),两者有一个相似的环境信息作为瓦力,有时他们的后现代的故事通过一个现代的或传统的审美,这与大多数迪士尼膜的情况。Pixar的另一方面,试图超越在叙事和形式的现代性,完全改变了现代技术和美学的动画电影的基础,这就是为什么瓦力很好,不同的是,人们已经看到。书上都是些人?美国动画片由Robin J. Murray和Joseph K. Heumann写的生态批评解读,它开始提到瓦力围绕怀旧和反乌托邦,那电影的开头有冲突的图像,对地球这颗行星,这是到你好,新子!(1969)音乐和空间开发的场景,让观众感受到浪漫和高兴,他们看到的,直到它变为地球的角度来看,音乐播放,并最终变成一个幽灵般的回声与鬼像地球一样的空虚。当摄像机显示出太空中所有美好的部分时,你假设地球将在同一个区域,而当摄像机旋转时,你会看到一个看上去像岩石的褐色的地球。直到它放大,你知道是买的大卫星,当相机开始给你参观你意识到世界其实是一种环境退化版的世界我们知道。整个画面是一个巧妙的并置,因为歌迷的音乐和对观众的对立。这一切都使得瓦力怀旧的片头,因为开始时的浪漫的感觉,对异位的相机视图的地球,突出了电影的两大主题。


During the past few years a lot of studios have released animated films that have an important message that they want to put across. An example of two are The Simpsons (2007) and Happy Feet (2006), both of which have a similar environmental message as Wall-E, their sometimes post-modern stories are told through either a modern or an orthodox aesthetic, which is the case with most Disney films. Pixar on the other hand, try to overstep the modern in both narrative and form, completely changing the modern technologies and aesthetics in which animated film is based, which is why Wall-E works so well, it’s different to what people have seen. In the book That’s all folks? Eco critical readings of American animated features written by Robin J. Murray and Joseph K. Heumann, it starts to mention that Wall-E revolves around nostalgia and dystopia, and that the opening of the film has two conflicting images, of the planet earth, this is down to the Hello, Dolly! (1969) music and the scenes of exploring space, allowing viewers to romanticise and feel happy about what they’re seeing, until it changes to the view of earth, the music still plays, and eventually changes to a ghost like echo to match the emptiness of a ghost like earth. When the camera is showing all the nice parts of space, you assume that earth will be in the same region, instead when the camera pans across, you see a very brown looking earth surrounded by what first seems like rocks. Until it zooms in and you realise it’s actually Buy N’ Large satellites, and as the camera starts to give you a tour you realise that the world is in fact an environmentally degraded version of the world we know. The whole seen is a witty juxtaposition, due to the fan-fare like music and the opposite being shown to the audience. This all makes the opening credits of Wall-E nostalgic, because of the romantic feeling at the start, to the dystopic as the camera views earth, highlighting the films two main themes.


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