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游戏和在学校正式教育的年龄已经被看作是一个非常复杂和一个非常棘手的问题,在世界各地。我发现戏剧是很难定义的许多专家和出版的作者,Tina Bruce形容为“政治问题”。她说,“有些人认为它在孩子的教育中没有地位,有人认为它必须有一个中心位置。这场辩论已经持续了200年(2006,p.468)。最近英国在基础教育领域的专家;剑桥评论的作者都放在桌子上的卡片和建议的形式教学的三R六之前不应该发生。不过别人,特别是教育部长Ed球倡导较早的开始。剑桥初级评论说,没有证据表明早期引入正式学习有任何好处。事实上,研究表明“太正式太快会导致危险的反作用”,鼓励早期教育的儿童通过与其他孩子和成年人在一系列活动中的社交互动来学习游戏。


Play and the age start to formal education in schools have seen to be a highly complicated and a very problematic issue around the world. I found play was hard to define by many experts and published authors, as Tina Bruce described play as a ‘political issue’. She stated, ‘There are those who think it has no place in a child’s education and there are those who believe it must have a central place. This debate has gone on for 200 years’ (2006, p.468).Recently UK based experts in the field of primary education; the authors of the Cambridge review have laid their cards on the table and advised ‘formal teaching of the three R’s should not take place before six.’ However others, notably Education Minister Ed Balls advocate on an earlier start. The Cambridge Primary review says, there is no evidence that an early introduction to formal learning has any benefit. In fact, research suggests ‘too formal too soon can be dangerous counterproductive.’ Children in early education are encouraged to learn through play by socially interacting with other children and adults in a range of activities.


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