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The extrovert and introvert dimension refers to the orientation of a person. The preferred focus of people with an extrovert attitude is on the surroundings such as other people and things, whereas an introvert’s preferred focus is on his/her own thoughts and ideas. Sensing and intuition deal with the way people prefer to perceive data. While sensing people prefer to perceive data from their five senses, intuitive people use their intuition and prefer to perceive data from the unconscious. The judgment based on the perceived data can be distinguished between thinking and feeling. Thinking means that the judgment is based on logical connections such as “true or false” and “if-then” while feeling refers to “more-less” and “better-worse” evaluations. However, judgment and decisions are in both cases based on rational considerations. The last dichotomy describes whether a person is more extroverted in his/her stronger judgment function (thinking or feeling) or in the perceiving function (sensing or intuition). Judging people prefer step by step approaches and structure as well as coming to a quick closure. Perceiving people have a preference for keeping all options open and tend to be more flexible and spontaneous.


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