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Managing, like all other practice whether medication, music work of art, engineering, accountancy, or even baseball – is an art, it is know-how. It is doing things in the light of the reality of a position. Yet managers can work better by using the organized information about management. It is this knowledge that constitutes science. However, the science underlying managing is fairly crude and inexact. This is true because the many variables with which managers deal are really complex. Yet, such management knowledge can certainly improve managerial practice. Managers who attempt to manage without management science must put their trust to luck, intuition, or what they did in the past. In managing, as in any other field, unless practitioners are to learn by trial and error, there is no place they can turn for meaningful guidance other than the accumulated knowledge underlying their practice, this accumulated knowledge is theory. For practical purposes, all managers must develop three sets of skills, namely, conceptual, technical, and human.


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