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Formative assessment is regarded by a number of educational experts as the ideal technique in effective teaching. It is believed that formative assessment has always been around, occasionally being carried out instinctively by unknowing teachers. Formative assessment is not seen as a government initiative, it instead allows teachers to become action researchers and be able to further develop research principles in order to experiment with various approaches of putting them into action. Over the years teachers have been continually redefining these strategies and have allowed the use of formative assessment to develop and evolve over time in the Scottish education sector (Clarke, 2005).”Formative assessment is the process used by teachers and children to recognise and respond to pupil learning, in order to enhance that learning during the activity or task.” (Clarke, 2005)For many years the idea of assessment has been somewhat false. Many believed that assessment is used to primarily measure pupil performance and perhaps can be misinterpreted as ongoing summative assessment. According to Clarke (2005), instead of assessment being primarily a measure of a pupil’s performance in a test or exam, it should encourage and support learning with summative assessment ‘measuring’ attainment and formative assessment ‘enabling’ achievement.


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