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几个世纪以来,性一直是一个有争议的话题,但对于千禧一代来说,主流广告中没有出现与性有关的怪异或骇人听闻的行为。在那之前,性是通过一种潜意识的方式实施的,以避免冒犯任何观看儿童周围广告的人,现在,这将被视为审查。当千禧一代在这里只是轻微的概念被认为是任何接近的审查制度,第一反应是不假思索地证明他们是开放和自由的孩子最终可能会暴露,因为他们认为性应该是一个开放的讨论在所有年龄段(弗里德曼,2004)。但是现在广告客户对大多数公众开放,在一定程度上是直接的,这些广告不再像以前那样让人震惊,因此广告文案认为性不再影响广告中的人。在Bongiorno, Bain & Haslam(2013)的一项研究中,女性不太可能与穿着不得体的女性一起购买产品(Bongiorno, Bain & Haslam, 2013)。所涉及的研究是,以善待动物组织的广告为例,展示接近全裸的名人,广告的目的是鼓励人们停止穿皮草,因为这些女性宁愿裸体也不愿穿皮草(Bongiorno, Bain & Haslam, 2013)。结果表明,男性比女性更有可能在看到广告后停止穿皮草(Bongiorno, Bain & Haslam, 2013)。这背后的推理结果被解释为是嫉妒的原因,广告的女性感到恶化由于这些女性被认为是非常舒适的在他们的亲属显然超过他们应该把非人道对待动物(Bongiorno,贝恩海斯蓝,2013)。这项研究是针对性吸引力在广告中是如何不起作用的,但在证明这一假设的过程中,他们承认男性在广告中受到性的影响,所以总的来说,由于缺乏学术证据,性对男性仍然有效。然而,对于女性来说,目前的研究非常有限,而且广告中的性别比广告中无效使用性别的研究寿命更长。


Sex has been a controversial topic for centuries but as for the millennials generation, there is a lack of grotesque or appalling behavior attached to the idea of sex being placed in mainstream commercials. Before that, sex was implemented in a subliminal way to avoid offending anyone that was watching the commercial around children, now, that would be considered censorship. And when millennials here just the slight concept of something being considered anything close to censorship, there immediate reaction is to prove that they are open and free without thinking of what their children might be exposed to because they ultimately believe that sex should be an open discussion amongst all ages(Friedman,2004).But now that advertisers have majority of the public open to them being direct to a reasonable degree, there ads don’t shock people as much as they once did, thus making copywriters think that sex doesn’t influence people in commercials anymore. In a study done by Bongiorno, Bain & Haslam in (2013) , women are less likely to purchase products with women who are dressed in a scandalous manner (Bongiorno, Bain & Haslam, 2013). The research involved was, taking PETA advertisements, showcasing celebrities close to completely naked and the point of the advertisements are to encourage people to stop wearing fur with the idea that these women would rather go naked then wear fur (Bongiorno, Bain & Haslam, 2013). The results showed that men were more likely to stop wearing fur after seeing the advertisements then women (Bongiorno, Bain & Haslam, 2013). The reasoning behind this result was interpreted to be the cause of jealousy, the advertisements had made the women feel a sense of aggravation due the fact that these women were perceived to be very comfortable in their kin which apparently overshined the fact that they were supposed to think of the inhumane treatment of animals (Bongiorno, Bain & Haslam,2013). This study was geared towards how sexual appeal doesn’t work in advertismensts,but while in the process of proving this hypothesis, they admitted to males being sexually influenced by sex in ads, so in sum sex still works for men due to the lack of scholarly evidence. However, for women, the research is present but very limited and sex in advertising has been around longer then the lifespan of the research involving the ineffective use of sex in advertising.



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