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在现代工业社会中,宠物在很多方面都被当作爱情的替代品。特别是,宠物可以被训练成一种友好的方式,更容易爱和帮助主人成为社交和更充分的定制新的生活方式(Nast 2006)。从身体活动的角度来看,宠物成为主人锻炼时的一种社会支持。最近的一项研究报告显示,31%没有宠物或工作的女性不太可能走路锻炼身体。引用于Cutt 2006)。定期锻炼在健康生活和预防疾病方面发挥着关键作用。针对中年人,澳大利亚开展了一项全国性的运动,旨在实现“每天少量的步行锻炼”,让人们参与到社会营销和社会认知中来(Booth。2011)。事实上,和狗一起散步可以带来更多的关注,并可以鼓励人与人之间的交流。作为将宠物纳入社会资本和社区因素的倡导者,宠物主人将通过照顾宠物来参与绿色生活。


In many ways, pets have been treated more like love substitutes where children are undertaken in modern industrial society. Particularly, pets could be trained in a kindly way which is easier to love and helping owners to become sociality and more adequate tailored new lifestyle (Nast 2006). From physical activity perspective, pets become a kind of social support when they are owners exercising. A recent study reported that 31% of women who has no pets or job were less likely walk for exercising their bodies (Bell cited in Cutt 2006). The regular exercise is now playing a key role in a health life and prevention from illness. In targeting of Middle age adults, a national campaign in Australia is aimed to achieve “small walking exercise everyday” in order to make people involving in social marketing and social cognitive (Booth 2011). Indeed, walking with dogs could bring more attention, and can encourage communications between people. As advocates of making pets included in the factors of social capital and community, pet owners will engage in green living by taking care their pets.


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