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However, this would have been different from the time of the poem was transcribed; the rewrite would have been influenced by the power of the Church. All the honor and prestige would have been given to God for blessing them with extraordinary men granting who were favored by God. Success with battles was no longer considered the achievement of the individual’s strength, but by the will of God. It was no longer acceptable to praise or boast about the achievements over a good meal, but rather to be thankful and put one’s faith into God for providing victory over evil. According to Stevick (1963), Beowulf belongs to a more Christianized Anglo-Saxon society and the oral materials existed prior to the conversion of the British kingdom. While oral tradition may have continued with the pagan beliefs still attached, the written version was adapted to include the Christian beliefs. While there is no actual reference to Jesus within the tale, the references to God and contributing the success to him allowed the stale to be acceptable in a Christian society during the Middle Ages.While the central conflict of Beowulf is good and evil, the rewritten tale removes many elements referencing the pagan beliefs and converting them into the Christian concept of God winning over horrors of evil. This coincides with the conversion of Druid and pagan beliefs into the new belief of Christianity. The church would find ways to convert pagans and druids into accepting the new faith by combining pagan traditions, folklore and references with Christian beliefs. Beowulf appears to be just another victim of Christianity overtaking an existing culture and finding ways to find it acceptable for their beliefs.


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