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In respect of how assessment can effect teaching practice – continuous formative assessment will allow the teacher to observe whether specific learning outcomes and aims have been achieved, which in turn, can identify certain needs of particular learners (if appropriate learning outcomes are set). Initial reflection of the lesson will enable the teacher to identify strengths and weaknesses from the lesson, therefore constantly improving on assessment techniques and overall teaching practice.It is widely accepted that both formative and summative assessment are essential in a learning and teaching environment. There has been much discussion however, as to the extent at which both can be used without one form compromising the effectiveness of the other. Some believe that the distinction between the two forms of assessment is not helpful and we should simply be striving for ‘good assessment’ (Harlen, 2005). It is believes that good formative assessment will support good judgement of teachers regarding performance and level of attainment (AifL information sheet, 2005) and effective summative assessment will ensure positive feedback regarding areas of strength and need for improvement.


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