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因此,有理由认为,在美国想要开采伊拉克石油的同时,其他国家的利益,如她的国家安全和在国际体系中的生存也发挥了重要作用。就比如说,在这种情况下,美国的政治精英认为萨达姆·侯赛因政权对她是一个国家安全的事实,它可以提供一个国际恐怖分子基地凭借生存的威胁。有需要,因此入侵伊拉克以结束糟糕的领导力,从而迎来一个新的民主的领导方式,不仅能保证伊拉克和平与人权也使美国保障自己国家的安全和生存在伊拉克的恐怖袭击威胁。上的评论geocities.com指出,相当长的一段时间”,美国政府仍然认为推翻侯赛因的政权,在纽约世界贸易中心双塔2001年9月11日恐怖分子破坏后,他们认为他们有足够的理由这么做。” 这一论点是基于这样一个前提,即伊拉克一直都是恐怖分子和叛乱集团的中心,包括恐怖组织恐怖组织。因此,从某种程度上说,美国国家安全和在布什政权所宣称的国际体系中的生存与把自己定位为全球经济巨人一样重要。因此,不公平,甚至没有学问给入侵伊拉克的绝对经济解释,从而在寻找其他因素。然而,美国经济野心在这次入侵中的首要地位应该得到相应的考虑,特别是因为她对伊拉克石油的贪得无厌。


It is therefore legitimate to argue that in as much as much as America wanted to exploit Iraq’s oil other interests such as her national security and survival in the international system played a significant role. It’s for instance arguable that in this case American political elites felt that Saddam Hussein’s regime was a threat to her a national security and survival by virtue of the fact that it could provide an operating base for international terrorists. There was need therefore to invade Iraq in order to bring to an end bad leadership and thus usher in a new democratic leadership that would not only guarantee Iraqis their peace and human rights but also enable America safeguard her national security and survival against the threat of terrorist attacks from Iraq. Comments posted on states that for a considerable period of time “US administration continued to consider removing Hussein’s regime from power and following the September 11, 2001 terrorist destruction of the World Trade Center Twin Towers in New York, they decided that they had sufficient excuse to do so. This argument is anchored on the premise that Iraq has been and is still a hub of dangerous terrorist and rebel groups including the dreaded Al Qaeda terror group. To some extent therefore, America’s national security and survival in the international system proclaimed by Bush regime was as important as positioning herself as a global economic giant. It is therefore unfair and even unscholarly to give the Iraq invasion an absolute economic explanation thereby under looking other factors. However, primacy of America’s economic ambitions in this invasion should be given its consideration accordingly especially due to her insatiable “thirst” for oil which is plenty in Iraq.


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