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首先,孤独一直与创造力有关。通过“新集体”该隐巩固她的想法通过检查两个心理学家米哈里·契克森米哈和Gregory Feist研究的兴起,从中指出,来自许多不同领域的最有创意的人通常性格内向。这可能是因为内向的人喜欢独自工作,而仅仅依靠独处可以提高他们的创造力和创新能力。凯恩的这个想法对我很有帮助,因为我年轻的时候,我经历过孤独对于一个内向的人来说是多么的重要。我的叔叔是一个游戏程序员,不是一个生意的大人物,但他一直在一家名为育碧在一个非常稳定的工作。他喜欢内向,比他工作时任何时候都更喜欢内向。他有很多项目要一直工作,但他从不与任何人合作,他说,他不能工作或产生任何想法时,他必须在一组工作。有一天,他带我去上班的时候,我亲眼目睹了这件事。当与一个小组进行头脑风暴时,由于同事的不同想法和意见,他不能集中精力。但在那之后,他回到自己的小隔间,他的创造力就像回来了一样,他的任务是在每一位同事的高度评价下完成的。通过我叔叔的经验,内向已经被证明是创造力的一个重要因素和关键因素。


First of all, solitude has long been related with creativity. Through “Rise of the New Groupthink” Cain solidify her idea by examining the research of two psychologists Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi and Gregory Feist, from which states that most creative people from many different fields are usually introverts. This is probably because that introverted people are happy with working alone, and just by being alone can they increase their creativity and innovativeness. This idea of Cain speaks to me pretty well because when I was young, I actually experiences just how important solitude is for an introverted person. My uncle is a game programmer, not a big shot in the business, but he has been working in a pretty steady job in a company named Ubisoft. He loves introversion more than anything else when he’s working. He got tons of projects to work on all the time, but he never works with anyone, he said that he can’t work or generates any ideas when he has to work in a group. And I actually witness it when he took me to work one day. When brainstorming with a group, he cannot concentrates due to a lot of different ideas, opinions from the co-worker. But after that is over, and he’s back to his cubicle, his creativity just like come back and his assigned task was done with great rating from every co-worker for the new ideas and creativity of the game. Through my uncle experience, introversion has proven to be an essential factor and a crucial ingredient for creativity.


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