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Dental Hygienist confirms a patient’s medical history and takes vital signs before starting treatment. Hygienists manage with a wide selection of patients who impact the oral health care visits. A complete periodontal examination should be done for all patients. Periodontal illness is easy to manage in its early stages, but it takes careful consideration and records to catch early changes. Advanced periodontal disorder is hard to treat. Loose teeth and swollen gums are common signs of periodontal disease. Patients on routine maintenance interims should have a periodontal exam at least once per annum.Oral or mouth cancer is difficult to uncover. When it is at the mainly treatable early stages, it is frequently undetected, because there are no simple signs or warnings that exist. It is prominent in getting patients informed. It is up to the patient to receive or decline an oral cancer preview exam. It is the Dental Hygienist’s job to get patients better informed about the danger causes for oral or mouth cancer. That way patients may be able to recognize some of the early indications of oral cancer and request examination and treatment while still in stage I, the most treatable of the disease process.


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