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家庭的形象已经从它的方式是在过去和今天的巨大变化。有几个消息来源谈到母亲和父亲之间关系的不同情况以及这些关系对孩子的影响。在同性恋者的父亲,儿童作家Robert Barret,和Bryan Robinson谈对儿童行为的影响有一个同性恋男子养育而养育他的孩子。他们还谈到同性恋男人和孩子或孩子相处的困难以及周围孩子的反应。一个单身母亲Lynn Olcott的民谣讲述了她的故事的斗争作为一个单身母亲,没有她的照片中孩子的父亲(446)。在缺席的父亲:为什么我们不曾谈论的未婚男人?Rebecca Blank写道,她谈到未婚父亲,以及他们为什么缺席,以及他们对子女或家庭的影响。这些作者争论的主要问题是,父亲的数字在孩子的生活中可以影响孩子的积极或消极的方式取决于正在发生什么。


The family image has had a tremendous change from the way it was in the past and the way it is today. There are several sources that talk about the different situations within the relationships of the mother and father and the effects that the relationships have on their children. In Children of Gay Fathers, authors Robert Barret, and Bryan Robinson talk about the effects on children’s behavior whenever there is a homosexual man parenting while raising his children or child. They also talk about how hard it is for homosexual men to come out with their child or children and the reaction of others surrounding their children. The Ballad of a Single Mother Lynn Olcott tells her story about the struggle as a single mother without the father of her children in the picture (446). In Absent Fathers: Why Don’t We Ever Talk About the Unmarried Men? written by Rebecca Blank, she talks about the unmarried fathers and why they are absent and the impacts that they have on their children or households. The main issue that these authors argue about is the father figures in children’s lives can affect the children in a positive or negative way depending on what is going on.


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