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私人辅导也可以减少教师的工作量,因为主要的“教学”是在学校实施的(Bray, 1999)。因此,私人教师的工作就是补充学校的教学大纲。这种情况也有可能发生逆转,因为主流教师的做法更少,因为学生更多地依赖私人学费,因此对学校课程的关注较少。主流的老师通常会从这种情况中受益,并在这个月的月底拿到工资。根据Ireson和Rushforth(2004)的说法,学生学习的主要原因是通过考试。在孩子没有上学的情况下,私人的学费也很重要。根据他们对英国教育体系的研究,Ireson和Rushforth也发现,大多数中学生都选择了私人的学费来提高他们的GCSE成绩,尤其是在数学方面。在这种情况下,学费有助于成功地向更高层次的教育传播。


Private tutoring may also reduce the workload of teachers in a way, since the major ‘teachings’ are effectuated at school (Bray, 1999). Therefore, the job of private tutors is to supplement the school syllabus. The situation can also be reversed, in the sense that mainstream teachers have less to do, since students rely more on private tuitions, thus pay less attention to school lessons. Mainstream teachers usually benefit from this situation and work for namesake and still receive a salary at the end of the month.According to Ireson and Rushforth (2004), the main reason for students to take tuitions was to pass the examinations. Private tuitions were also very important in case the child missed school. According to their study of the British education system, Ireson and Rushforth also found out that most secondary students took private tuitions to improve their GCSE grades, especially in Mathematics. Tuitions were in this case were helpful in making a successful transmission to higher levels of education.


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