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根据toTulsa Tiwari(2009)的说法,现代教育不仅意味着解决社会问题,也解决个人的问题。这是漫长的社会化过程中最重要的阶段之一。在当前的条件下,教育作为一种社会制度的作用,其主要功能是个体的社会化,在创造不断变化的条件,以满足社会的需要。尤其在这一过程中最重要的是通识教育体系,它在形成基本的社会特征和价值激励的人格结构的过程中,在所有社会阶层和群体的教育过程中都有不同的受欢迎程度。在向信息社会过渡的过程中,最重要的趋势是不仅要提高质量,还要提高素质教育的作用;推动它成为流动的主要资源之一,获得社会资本的个人。教育质量的现状反映了日益增长的矛盾,一方面,社会需求的不断增加人类的道德和智慧,他设计的能力,预测,和,另一方面,实际的教育水平和教育机构的毕业生的发展。


According toTulsa Tiwari (2009), it can be stated that modern education means solving the major problems not only for society but also for individuals. This is one of the most important stages in the long process of socialization. Under the current conditions, the role of education as a social institution, which main function is the socialization of the individual relates in creating constantly changing conditions to meet the needs of society. In particular, the most important in this process is the general education system, which differs popularity of the inclusion in the educational process of all social strata and groups, in the period of forming the basic social characteristics and value-motivational personality structure.  In the transition to an information society the most important trend is increasing the role of not just mass, but also quality education; advance it one of the main resources of mobility, acquisition of social capital of the individuals. The current state of the quality of education reflects the growing contradiction between, on the one hand, the increasing demands of society to the morality and intelligence of human, his ability to design, forecasting, and, on the other hand, the actual level of education and development of graduates of educational institutions.


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