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因为爆料应该是一种责任,它是至关重要的,告密者是在法律保护下,在新加坡有明确的指导报告程序。告密者保护的条款鼓励开放的组织文化,员工不仅知道如何报告报告程序也有信心。保护告密者的报复诚信报告可疑行为的腐败和其他不法行为因此积分努力打击腐败,促进公共部门的完整性和问责制,支持一个干净的商业环境。检举保护系统在西方国家广泛实施。例如,在意大利,提出反腐败法案修正案,告密者不能€•处罚,解雇或提交任何直接或间接的歧视,这将影响工作条件直接或间接有关的报告。保护还提供了根据美国法律,对不太严重的纪律行动,如警句或斥责。相反,检举立法在亚洲并不复杂的或在美国如此强大(主&科尔,2012)。工作场所在亚洲不同于西方文化。家族企业不同的赞助内部提拔自己的令人难以置信的集体。在亚洲开展业务的外国公司发现员工不仅忠于公司,而且他们的老板和直线经理(主&科尔,2012)。这些文化规范阻碍爆料繁荣。然而近年来,亚洲国家认真对待爆料,知道多德-弗兰克(dodd – frank),例如。


Since whistleblowing should be a duty, it is crucial that whistleblowers are under legal protection and have clear guidance on reporting procedures in Singapore. The provision of whistleblower protection encourages an open organisational culture where employees are not only aware of how to report but also have the confidence in the reporting procedures. The protection of whistleblowers from retaliation for reporting in good faith suspected acts of corruption and other wrongdoing is therefore integral to efforts to combat corruption, promote public sector integrity and accountability, and support a clean business environment. Whistleblowing protection systems are widely implemented in the western countries. For instance, in Italy, proposed amendments to the Anti-Corruption Bill state that whistleblowers cannot be ―penalized, fired or submitted to any direct or indirect discrimination, which would have an impact on the working conditions directly or indirectly linked to the report. Protection is also provided under the U.S. law, against less severe disciplinary actions, such as admonishments or reprimands. On the contrary, whistleblowing legislation in Asia is not as sophisticated or as robust as it is in the US (Lord & Cole, 2012). The workplace cultures in Asian differ from those in the West. Family businesses promote a distinct sense of patronage within themselves that are incredibly collective. Foreign companies operating in Asia reveal that the staff is not only loyal to the company, but also to their bosses and line managers (Lord & Cole, 2012). These cultural norms hinder whistleblowing to prosper. However in recent years, Asian countries take whistleblowing seriously and are aware of Dodd-Frank, for example.


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